Celebrating a Little Miracle After Successful IVF Treatment

Aug 30, 2017

As a profession, photographing newborns to the outside world sounds like a dream job – and it is! But behind the scenes there is obviously quite a bit more skill, expertise and patience involved to get this important task just right for new mums and dads. But it is more than just a job to me – I have a hidden personal passion and reason for doing what I do and I would love to share that with you here.

Birth After a Difficult Journey

Bringing a little one into the world is an emotional time for any parent – at the very least the birthing process itself can be especially daunting for women first time around (and subsequent times for that matter!).

For some though, even more so, heightened emotions such as anxiety and stress can exist when a couple have been through a difficult pregnancy which may include several years of fertility treatment (such as IUI, IVF or ICSI), suffered miscarriages, previous ectopic pregnancies or even stillbirth.

In all the years that I have been photographing newborns I have sadly come across so many couples that have experienced some or all of the above, myself included, and week in week out I am humbled that my clients are so open and willing to share their journeys with me – the highs and the lows. Being privy to such intimate information, I find it an absolute honour being asked to capture such a momentous time for any parent, especially those that have really suffered and faced heartbreaking struggles to get there.

Fertility Inspiration

The Troubling Side Effect of a Difficult Pregnancy

As you can no doubt imagine, it’s an amazing feeling to get that longed for positive pregnancy result however I have had numerous clients share with me that as exciting as it is when you find out you are finally expecting a baby, they in particular have struggled with allowing themselves to relax and enjoy any part of the nine month lead up. This can really be sad to hear given what they have been through and it’s THIS which is exactly why I am so passionate about capturing newborns in particular and is a BIG part of why I do what I do and why I am a specialist newborn photographer.

What Drove Me to Newborn Photography?

I frequently get asked the question ‘What drove you to specialise in working with newborns in particular?’. With all of the above in mind, each and every story I have been told along the way and coupled with my own personal experiences, I am ALL about celebrating the positives, the victories if you will. Capturing your little one, and creating positive, beautiful memories is so so important in my eyes especially following fertility and birth problems. Following on from such difficult experiences I’m grateful to play a part in creating some of the very first beautiful, happy life long memories of your new little one.

I have photographed hundreds of babies over the last 8 years and listened to so many heartwarming and – at the same time – heartbreaking stories. Nothing takes away from the struggles that have been but without a doubt celebrating the little life created in front of you is wholeheartedly worth doing and I am passionate about celebrating and capturing exactly that. Each and every story shared, plus my own personal experiences, have all contributed to fuelling my passion to do just this for each and every client that walks through my studio doors with their little one in their arms!

When parents arrive at my Studio for their newborn photography session I also like to think of it as the perfect opportunity for them to finally sit back, relax and breathe a sigh of longed for relief whilst they enjoy watching me work away my magic with their little one. Documenting all those precious little details; expressions, sweet newborn smiles and yawns and capturing their little one in their arms and the amazing bond just does not get better for me. New parents can use this time to sit back, adore and admire their little miracle and take a moment to celebrate the safe arrival of their little one into the world.

If you are expecting a little one I would love to help capture and create beautiful, photographic memories to celebrate the new life before you. Please do get in contact by clicking here.