Precious Moments: Capturing Your Baby’s First Weeks

May 16, 2017

We could write essay after essay as to the wonderful innocence and endless beauty of babies. Trying to put into words the immense love and reward raising a child brings and put it onto paper however is not likely to do it justice – but we can provide written testament to the joy creating a timeless memento of a baby’s precious first days as a newborn can bring to parents.

Those Moments Pass… Fast

In our day to day work at Anna Hurst Photography capturing magical baby photos for delighted mums and dads we take immense pride in creating beautiful snapshots in time to last for all time. A newborn photoshoot is preferable to have in the first few weeks of a child’s life due to the natural poses we can capture – at this stage they still love to curl up as they would of in the womb.

You really do only get one shot at capturing their first days in the world. But what is the main reason happy clients cite for having newborn photography in the first place?

A Snapshot in Time You Will Never Get Back

The overwhelming reason we’re told is simply to preserve their newborn’s first few weeks in memory. We hear from countless parents that come to us in Berkshire that time is already moving too fast and their little one is growing up far too quickly – they even change an incredible amount in the first month. Memories fade and children grow – they’re rather famed for it! Those first days are some of the most magical – and it is the preservation of this magic, and the capturing of that newborn essence on camera which forms the main reason parents search out newborn photographers. Our valuable work ensures those memories are never forgotten (nor the sleepless nights that accompany them!).

About Anna Hurst

Photographing newborns is not like photographing any other subject! It’s incredibly delicate, sensitive and complex work and the photographer needs not only special training on how to handle newborns, but an eye for capturing natural poses too. In addition, this needs to be done during the short optimum period available; it’s tricky work, but incredibly rewarding!

Anna Hurst has an exquisite eye and 7 years of experience getting it right, first time. She has received awards for her wonderful images and is an internationally trained and fully insured specialist newborn baby photographer. She is also a fully qualified member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association (BANPAS), a group consisting of some of the top UK newborn baby photographers has had extensive newborn photography, safety and paediatric first aid training.


Stylistic Preferences

Anna always aims for simplistic, natural and timeless images which are baby led. She believes positioning is vital and you can see numerous examples of how this is done in our extensive gallery. She has specialist knowledge of how to pose newborns safely and beautifully in order to create baby pictures parents can cherish and remember forever.

“Anna – Thank you for the pictures they are amazing. You were so good with Vincent and and patient to get the very best images of him, we had a great time”.


At Anna Hurst Photography our focus is on keeping it natural – we try to keep the use of props to a minimum. We aim to keep it all about baby and working this way (in our opinion) helps keep the finished results timeless. We are frequently told by clients that this is why we are chosen for this important task.

As an additional point we believe it’s all in the detail too – and we work hard to capture the expressions of newborns; tiny details, sweet little smiles and oh-so-adorable yawns! This never stops being an absolute pleasure to see and photograph!

We’ll finish with a quote from our home page we feel encompasses why we do what we do:

“Bringing a new baby into the world is such monumental, amazing and special time for any parent. Precious as they are, we all know those early days are fleeting… those tiny details, the new bond between parents and baby and their little smiles and yawns. On many occasions too, the journey in getting there has not always been a straightforward one. There can be many highs and lows of fertility, pregnancy and birth, that I for one whole heartedly believe it is worth celebrating and documenting.”

You’ve only got one chance to capture the magical first days and weeks of your baby’s life. It goes by far too fast and we’d be delighted to help you capture those precious moments that can last a lifetime.

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